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we are pleased to present you the most important services our company provides, with best price, best guarantee and best product quality. we hope you to acceptance the services we provide, so we can work together to provide employment mechanisms you have, and for sure we are glade and proud of you to be one of our Permanent customers.

Our services:

  1. Selling and installation of all POS (Point Of Sales), and its all accessories (normal and touch screens and customers screens).

  2. Barcode reader devices (optical laser, wired and wireless, hand Office).

  3. Cash Printers.

  4. Barcode printers, all sizes (Zebra, Citizen).

  5. Cash Drawer, Cash Register, Accounting Programs.

  6. provide and installation of all high-tech security systems, including systems operations of internal and external control

  7. Computers and Laptops

  8. selling role machines, and its own papers

  9. All types of printers

  10. All types of inks for desktop printers and barcode printers

  11. Metal cabinets of all sizes (office cabinets, private rooms, hotels cabinets, safes shops).

  12. All types and sizes of papers (thermal cashier machines role, ATM paper and invoices, thermal and non-thermal barcode labels for inventory  with high quality

  13. Visa Cards with new types of security

  14. Monitoring employees time systems

  15. Everything related to the cards (discounts cards, identification cards for employees, Visa cards,  credit cards, ...).

  16. Everything related to the paper bags and paper envelopes and labels in all its forms.