About Us


We are a Private Joint Stock Company our company was established IN 2010. Over the past years, this company has been the leader in importing and distributing everything related to modern technology to equip banks, companies and shops

Our objectives

1) Achieving the desires of clients and customers with the highest specifications and standards.
2) Provide after-sales service to customers.
3) Setting quality and classification standards for IT systems in cooperation with our partners.

Our value

The satisfaction of our customers is our first concern, high professional quality,  credibility and honesty, transparency and clarity, speed of performance and implementation, developing the skills of the technical and administrative staff of the company.

Our Product

1) Technology devices ( pos , printers ,scales,barcode readers…etc.)
2)safety gates
3)Thermal paper and barcode paper.
4)Safety boxes.

Our Vision

To be a company that keeps pace with modern technology and meets everything the customer needs with the best standards and quality.


Our Mission

We strive to be one of the most diversified companies in providing all the necessary modern technology and equipment for companies.